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The Kourt Shark NDX-1 is similar to the ODX-1 but has an elongated body and also comes in two amazing colour combos! A longer paddle will allow a player that extra bit of reach to get to those hard to reach balls. The additional length can add swing speed and power, but also helps provide reach for those delicate dink shots in the kitchen. The lightweight design provides a feeling of precision when swinging the paddle. Our premium Carbon Fibre face has an enhanced textured finish for extra spin and control while providing that little extra "pop" on your over-head smashes and killer drives. Our forgiving and powerful Poly-Pro core helps to reduce vibration and increase control.


Recommended Player: Beginner to Advanced

Face/Surface: Premium Carbon Fibre with a textured finish

Core: Poly Pro Honeycomb

Grip: 10.5 cm - 4 1/4" diameter

Handle Length: 12.25 cm - 4 3/4"

Paddle Length: 41.8 cm - 16 3/8" 

Paddle Width: 18.9cm - 7 1/2"

Weight: 225 grams -7.8 oz


Kourt Shark Technology:

  • Durable and low-profile edge guard
  • Elongated paddle shape, allowing enhanced reach and power
  • Premium carbon fibre face that provides extra spin, control, and power
  • Kourt Shark Spin, enhanced textured finish to enhance spin and control 
  • Polypropylene honeycomb core allowing for increased power and stability
  • Large Sweet Spot
  • USAPA Approved