Radical Tour L

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The Radical Tour L Graphite Paddle is an excellent choice for those who want equal amounts of reach, power and reactivity. Its textured graphite face helps grip the ball while offering a big sweet spot. Every ball will be returned with speed and precision thanks to the honeycomb polymer core. A slightly above-average handle length allows you to quickly manipulate your shots while comfortably holding the paddle. 

The Radical Tour L Graphite Paddle weighs 7.9 oz and has a 7-7/8" width. The grip has a medium circumference and measures 5" long. Behind the curved HEAD logo is a magenta, purple and black background overlaid with a web-like black design. The model and manufacturer name are printed along the bottom of the face. 

The Radical Tour L Graphite Paddle will provide all the quality needed to stay on top of your game and get more out of every swing.

Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8".
Radical Tour L