Team Style - Survivor of the Fittest Tournament

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* Sign up as an individual
* HiSports tournament director (TD) will put everyone in teams of 4 (you can request to     be on the same team as one other person)
* Email requests to                                                                        * Team Tournament - 2 random draw doubles games + Skinny singles tie break game if     necessary                                                                                                                        * Mini skills competitions / challenges throughout the day                                                    * Team with the most points at the end of the day will win prizes!                                        * Team Bandanas for each team

Tournament Format:

HiSports TD to assign each team member a number (player 1 = highest skill to player 4 = lowest skill)

Prior to the game two numbers will be drawn.

This will determine the two matchups (e.g. Players 1 &4 of Team A vs Players 1 & 4 team B and Players 2 & 3 of team A vs Players 2 &3  of Team B)

  • If games are split (1-1), a skinny singles tie breaker will be played (3 points will be played by each player. Starting with player #1 and going down to player #4)
  • Games are rally scoring to 15 (freeze at 14/13) win by 1

Nov 18, 10 - 2pm

1289 Terwillegar Av, Oshawa 



Team Style - Survivor of the Fittest Tournament