Name: Michelle Chin | Age: 28 | Home courts: Markham Pickleball Club (Canada) & Brisbane Pickleball Club (Australia)
Para Pickleball Happenings
From: Pickleball Scoop by Pickleball Canada It is a basic right for every person to be active and participate in sports. Pickleball is one of the rare sports where disabled and able bodied athletes can compete in the same game...
Health and Social Benefits of Pickleball for Young and Older Adults
Pickleball is more social and strategic than other low-impact activities, like swimming or walking, so it’s the perfect way to simultaneously strengthen your body and your mind. 
Brief Guide to Pickleball: Pickleball Rules, Equipment, and Play Style
Pickleball, the fun new hybrid sport that’s taking North America by storm, is designed to help people of all ages.