Lactigo Topical Sports Gel Single bottle 100ML

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One (1) 100ml bottle of LactiGo contains enough Performance & Recovery Gel for approximately ten (10) to fifteen (15) workout/training sessions.

**Please note that actual packaging and labelling may differ from what is being displayed on this web page. 

What is LactiGo Performance & Recovery Gel?

LactiGo is a topical analgesic gel that contains carnosine and magnesium. LactiGo’s unique formula helps you maximize performance during your fitness routine, pushing you to train harder and longer.

Apply LactiGo following your active routine to help speed up muscle recovery.

LactiGo helps you to go further… faster.

The LactiGo 4-Step Process

1. Prepare

Apply a liberal amount of LactiGo Performance & Recovery Gel on your desired muscles 30-45 minutes before starting.

2. Perform

LactiGo’s unique formula immediately starts working on your muscles pushing you to maximize your performance. Train harder. Play longer.

3. Recover

Immediately re-apply a liberal amount of LactiGo on your muscles after your activity to help speed up the recovery process.

4. Go Again

LactiGo continues to work on your muscles as you rest, speeding up the recovery time so that you can Go again.

Lactigo Topical Sports Gel Single bottle 100ML
Lactigo Topical Sports Gel Single bottle 100ML