Aniviia Voltex Elite Paddle Lightweight

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We took the blueprint for our Voltic 1.0 paddles which was already a proven performer and enhanced it even further. The Elite is an elongated paddle, carbon fibre raced paddle with a polypropylene honeycomb core. With our first generation paddles made with Japan Toray T700 , the Voltex Elite is built fully with Japan Carbon Toray T800, featuring vibration damping carbon fiber neck reinforcement. 

The main feature of this paddle is that it has the largest sweet spot, great control and absorption. This is because we have not only double layered the carbon fibre but have also enlarged the honey comb cells inside the paddle from 6mm to 8mm to enlarge the sweet spot. Enlarging the honeycomb cells also ensures the paddle face won’t be too heavy because there is more air and pore between each cell which makes it more aerodynamic. For those who prefer a lighter elongated paddle, we’ve got you covered. Note: The Voltex Elite is available in two weights: 8oz midweight as well as a 7.6oz lightweight.

Skill Level: Beginner to Pro

Surface Area: Elongated Paddle

Lightweight: 7.6oz

Height: ~16.5’’

Width: 7.48’’

Grip Length: 5.25’’

Grip Circumference: 4.25’’

Thickness: 16mm

Aniviia Voltex Elite Paddle Lightweight