Selkirk Boost Gloves

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The Selkirk boost glove has been developed for all weather conditions and offers optimal grip even in the rain and heat. Breathable Lycra combines with a honeycomb structure on the palm meaning the Selkirk boost glove offers players the best performance and perfect, controlled grip at all times.

  • Honeycomb Design
  • Durable & Hard-Wearing
  • Breathable Lycra Material
  • Instant Fit
    • Perfect fit from the first swing
  • Flexx-Fit
    • Adapts to the contour of your hand and fits like a second skin for all hand sizes
  • Shape-Fit
    • 80% fewer wrinkles and perfect fit over the lifetime of the glove

One size fits most.

Selkirk Boost Gloves
Selkirk Boost Gloves